Fevicryl Spark AR


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Connected Packaging Augmented Reality Solution using Spark AR

Fevircyl, one of India’s biggest art and craft brands from Pidilite Industries was launching a new product range called “Fevicryl’s Acrylic Pouring Kit” as a part of their DIY arts-and-crafts product line.

The product line is aimed at not just art enthusiasts and professionals but also hobbyists who wanted to explore their creative side.

The team at Fevicryl wanted to explore how immersive technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can give their customers a first hand experience of creating their unique art using the product and approached GoPhygital for the same.

Keeping in mind the brand positioning and their marketing strategy, GoPhygital suggested that for a product launch like this, AR would be a better platform than VR and recommended Spark AR (Facebook’s Augmented Reality Platform for building immersive AR experiences on Facebook and Instagram) platform to build on.

Fevicryl as a brand also has a very active presence on social media through its platform Hobby Ideas (www.hobbyideas.in) and the Spark AR approach tied in well with their Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing plan.

The Approach

Considering the entire experience of creating the art using the Acrylic Pouring Kit was a DIY, hands-on approach, the concept proposed showcased the entire user journey of how a person would mix the different components that were included in the kit, pour the solution over the canvas and tilt the canvas to form rich, creative, dynamic patterns … all this using Augmented Reality via the Spark AR platform.

How it works?

To ensure that the overall experience was seamless and self-explanatory for the end user, GoPhygital created a microsite that was hosted on http://fevicryl.art/

The user had to access this website through his/her mobile browser and the website gave a simple 4 step journey telling the user how to launch the AR experience by launching the Facebook app and/or the Instagram app on their smartphones and scanning the product packaging to start the AR experience. A series of on-screen taps and voila, the user could see their fluid art come to life in front of their eyes through the FB / Instagram camera.

The user could share the video or a picture of themselves with their AR art on their social media feeds using the hashtag #PourYourArtOut.

The Challenges

While the project was under development, and both, the Fevicryl business team and the GoPhygital team were working towards a Phygital launch across Hobby Ideas retail outlets and online channels, during the summer holidays, the nation went under a strict lockdown because of the pandemic and the retail outlets were closed thereby shifting focus of the product launch to a pure digital strategy.

In addition, the Facebook review team was also working remotely in different geographies at limited capacity which caused the review time to get stretched longer than usual and so the launch had to be rescheduled to a later date.

However, both the Pidilite team and GoPhygital team worked closely with all the relevant stakeholders, including the Facebook India team to ensure that the brand had a successful launch in its maiden foray in the immersive tech domain with the launch of Augmented Reality via Connected Packaging.

The Value Take Away

Fevicryl, through the Connected Packaging AR solution, effectively conveyed their brand promise of helping art and craft enthusiasts explore and unlock their creativity through the DIY kits and established themselves as a thought leader in their domain.

By partnering with GoPhygital, Fevicryl put the AR in Art and encouraged budding artists and hobbyists to design unique creations that was shared widely on their social media platforms using the hashtag #PourYourArtOut.