How we conceptualized strategies and helped Ipca in their mission to combat
the Covid19 Pandemic using AI, Gamification, and Video!

With the entire world coming to terms with the COVID-19 pandemic and businesses adapting to the new normal, technology companies globally are working on solutions and innovations to help themselves and their customers in maintaining business continuity and accelerating their digital transformation journeys.

While some industries like the travel industry and the hospitality industry have been impacted severely, companies across other industry sectors, especially in the pharma, healthcare, BFSI, supply chain management, FMCG, etc. are fast moving towards technology adoption to strengthen their digital strategies and serve their customers in a better manner.

Team GoPhygital has been doing their bit in helping their client-partners build solutions in the digital domain that not only help create awareness and share information about the Coronavirus pandemic but also, under current circumstances where offline marketing has taken a backseat, are helping businesses up their digital marketing game.


Ipca, a leading player in the pharmaceutical industry, is one of our long-standing client-partners and we have been associated with them for over 15 years as their DesignTech agency managing everything from their branding, marketing collaterals, exhibitions and in the digital domain as well.

In the past couple of months, Ipca has been doing everything possible at their end to help the society at large in the war against the virus. As their DesignTech agency, we have been working closely with their leadership team to support them as best as we can in this battle.

In this sensitive period of time, people were looking for platforms and solutions that could help them substantially in going through this crisis. Hence, we started to conceptualize the entire project and design a blueprint of the necessary steps required. Rather than sending out a big bulk of information at one go, we decided to segregate and give digestible doses of information through fun, interactive, and visually appealing mediums. To provide the users with smooth user experience and draw maximum engagement, our design team and UI/UX brought together a variety of ideas and picked out the best suitable ones that serve the best design solution without compromising on the user experience. A soothing, minimalistic, clutter-free approach was taken while incorporating the brand identity at every step of the journey.

We created a 5 step plan to help them in their mission across various fronts right from creating awareness among the people about the COVID-19 pandemic, to helping educate kids and allay their fears on how to protect themselves from the dreaded Coronavirus as well as helping the healthcare institutes and fraternity procure the Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate (HCQS) drug which is said to be helpful in the treatment of those affected by the coronavirus.

GoPhygitals’s 5 step digital strategy to help Ipca in their combat against Corona.

1. AI-powered COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool for analyzing Coronavirus Risk

AI-powered COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool for analyzing Coronavirus Risk

A few weeks ago, as cases of Coronavirus infections started getting reported in India, there was a lot of anxiety across all strata of the society, and people were worried about how do they figure out whether they were infected by the Coronavirus.

Based on the content guidelines defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the MoHFW, we developed a web-based self-assessment tool where users had to answer a set of 9 questions (in multiple-choice answer format) that asked them from basic questions like their age, gender, etc. and progressed to specific questions such as do they have any symptoms like cough, fever, and further asking them about any pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, hypertension or whether they had visited any COVID19 affected regions or come in contact with any confirmed COVID-19 positive case, etc.

As the user answered each question, the AI algorithm in the backend calculated the probability risk quotient of the user’s exposure to the Coronavirus, and based on all the answers given the result was shown where it put the user in low-risk, medium-risk, or high-risk category.

The self-assessment tool also made it a point to inform the user that this was only for their informational purpose and they should consult their doctor or the nearest hospital or call the MoHFW helpline if they were feeling unwell or experiencing any symptom associated with the Coronavirus infection.

The web-based self-assessment tool received amazing feedback and more than 75,000 people from across 100+ countries took the self-assessment tool within days of its launch.

You can check it out at https://covid.ipca.com/

Coronavirus Myth Busters

2. Coronavirus Myth Busters

With the increasing success of the Self-Assessment Tool and the feedback received from users, the teams at Ipca and GoPhygital came across another challenge that needed to be addressed. As the information about creating awareness about the COVID-19 virus spread, so also did the misinformation and myths about the Coronavirus grow, at the same pace if not faster, thanks to social media and instant messaging platforms.

And that’s how the idea of creating Coronavirus Myth Busters was born. A platform to dispel all myths and misbeliefs around the Coronavirus Pandemic. The content sourced and collated from various reliable and validated sources on the internet was shared in English and localized in Hindi as well to be able to reach a much larger audience of non-English speaking users.

The Coronavirus Myth Busters can be read at https://covid.ipca.com/myth/ and the languages can be switched between English and Hindi by tapping the language switch icon on the top right-hand corner.

Coronavirus Myth Busters

3. Coronavirus Facts Quiz

As a third step in the 5-step Digital strategy, it was time to gauge how much of awareness was Ipca able to create from the first 2 initiatives viz. the COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool and the Coronavirus Myth Busters. And what better way to gauge retention of information and engagement, than a fun, gamified approach, even for a serious topic like the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Coronavirus Facts Quiz tests the user’s knowledge about the virus and all associated topics around it in a fun, trivia-based game. In every game session, the user has to answer a set of 10 questions to test his/her knowledge about the Coronavirus. The questions are generated randomly from a database of several questions and the user has to answer each question within a specified time limit. At the end of the round of 10 questions, the user is prompted to replay the game to improve his/her knowledge about the virus as well as share the quiz in his/her network to help others gain the knowledge.

The Coronavirus Facts Quiz can be played on https://covid.ipca.com/quiz/ and has had a total time spent of 50,000 minutes on it to date since its launch which is equivalent to binge-watching approximately 66 seasons of a popular web-series on any OTT platform or watching approximately 300+ films or listening to around 1250 podcasts.

See the video below to see how we helped kids become more aware of the Coronavirus pandemic.

4. Kids Combat Coronavirus

While all the initiatives developed by Ipca and our team in the campaign to create awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic were targeted at grown-ups and young adults, there was a major age-group which not many across industries were addressing and who are at a highly impressionable age, kids! It was important to make them aware of how to protect themselves from the Big Bad Coronavirus and why it was important for them to stay indoors to stay safe.

This communication was done through a fun, short video, created in association with Playvolution, a venture focused on evolving the early-education space through a play-based learning approach. The video put forth the guidelines outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO) through the lovable characters of Ben and Bella that were licensed from Playvolution.

HCQS Requisition Form

5. HCQS Requisition Form

From the 5 initiatives being taken by Ipca, 4 were focused on helping create awareness among the common populace about the Coronavirus Pandemic. However, Ipca’s primary mission has always been to support the medical and healthcare fraternity by providing APIs, formulations, and medications that would help the medical fraternity in treating people.

When it was found that Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate (HCQS) was effective in treating patients with COVID19 infection, Ipca which is one of the largest manufacturers of the drug in India stepped up to the occasion to ensure that there was an adequate supply of the drug to the healthcare community to treat those affected by the Coronavirus. The HCQS drug is also used to treat patients suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis and so it also becomes extremely important to regulate the supply and distribution of the drug globally so that all those who were in need would receive it in time.

Keeping in mind the target audience of registered medical practitioners (RMPs) and healthcare institutions (both Government and Private), we created a Product Requisition Form where the Government, Private, and Trust led healthcare institutions can apply for ordering HCQS after submitting the relevant documentation. Once verified, they would be informed on the availability and timeframe of delivery of HCQS to them.

This not only helped the institutions, but also the RMPs and the patients in getting the required medication in a planned manner.

Although the first idea started out with a Self-assessment tool to provide a sense of relief to people, a brilliant collaboration between our design and development teams extended the entire concept to build a user journey that received massive engagement and appreciation from across the world.

Thanks to the faith and support showed by the team at Ipca, together, we have managed to reach out to cumulatively 300,000+ lives across all the 5 initiatives which includes both the medical fraternity (Doctors, Healthcare Professionals, Healthcare Institutions etc.) and the public in general across 100+ countries.

The war against the virus has begun, but it is far from over yet. We will continue to support Ipca, and everyone else who is looking to leverage design-focused, and technology-driven solutions to fight this war by doing everything we can to help fight the Coronavirus Pandemic.

If you are a business or a brand looking for a partner to help you accelerate your digital transformation journey, we can help. Send us an email on info@gophygital.io and we would be happy to explore how we can use the tools of Design and Technology in our arsenal to equip you better.

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Stay Safe!