Heye Puzzle App

Mobile Solution - Heye Puzzle App

Heye Puzzle App is an iPad and iPhone jigsaw puzzle app on four characters: Mordillo, Kater Jacob, Marino Degano and Helme Heine. KV & H Verlag Gmbh, our German client required us to create a puzzle app in English & German for both iPad and iPhone.

Mobile Solution

GoPhygital created an interactive app which has multiple features. For the iPad there were 3 options to select the number of pieces (25, 49, 81) to play the puzzle and for the iPhone there were (9, 16, 25) pieces to choose from. Another amazing feature of this app is "puzzle my pic" wherein you can click your own pic and puzzle it and also share it with your friends.

This app provides an option to even buy pictures and play the puzzle. After the puzzle was solved the pic could be saved and shared as well.

The Value Take-away

We delivered an app that was not just interactive but also helped children keep their mind active and in shape.

  • Created by: John Doe
  • Completed on: 17th March 2014
  • Skills: HTML5 / PHP / CSS3
  • Client: Google