Ipca API Brochure

Ipca API Brochure

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of over a dozen APIs, Ipca’s aspirations to grow have always been backed by an impassioned need to be ever reliable and dependable; an aspect that resonates with several global pharmaceutical leaders whom they partner.

Sixty plus years of partnering healthcare globally gives them the momentum to ride the current environmental and regulatory issues that are the biggest challenges for any responsible API manufacturing company.

Exports spanning to 120 countries, Ipca’s investments in technology not only help mankind get healthier, but also make for a greener earth.

An API is an active pharmaceutical ingredient which is in powder form. As per the client’s requirement, the design had to focus heavily on this powder format. When structuring the content to reflect this design approach, one of the main challenges we faced was how to visually segregate all the APIs in the brochure. We did this by setting a colour code to each alphabet section making it easy to identify.