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Ipca UK Packaging

Ipca UK Packaging
Ipca UK Packaging
Ipca UK Packaging
Ipca UK Packaging

With a presence of over two decades in the United Kingdom, Ipca has gained insightful knowledge of the market dynamics and its competencies. A majority of Ipca’s products are backward integrated with its own APIs.

To differentiate itself from the standard appearances of pharmaceutical packaging, we designed the packages to reflect the story of their brand, the fusion of life and science depicted in the union of their molecular butterfly. This is thoughtfully carried on to their packaging with a vibrant, contrasting and dynamic colour palette for quick identification of products.

The Pantone colour palette used on the packaging also serves a functional purpose. A primary colour was used to differentiate between the different types of medicines offered, while a secondary colour was used to differentiate between the strength of the same medicine. As a result of this systematic approach, customers are able to identify their products quickly and easily without any confusion.

Moreover, the packaging has braille on it, making it possible to read vital product information by touch for people who are blind or visually impaired.