Kurz der Kicker

Mobile Solution - Kurz der Kicker

Kurz der Kicker, a book by Martin Baltscheit and Ulf K. is a wonderful poetic fable about football, identity, ambition and strength portrayed to deal with life. Our German client, Quinto required us to convert the book into an interactive, animated book for the iPad.

Mobile Solution

The kicker is an interactive, multimedia picture book for little soccer fans. We created an app where in the child can not only read and comprehend but also play on the screen. Various inter-activities like read-aloud functions, manual interactions, game downloads, etc. kept the users engaged and informative about the app. We also incorporated acceleration, audio and video functionalities in the module.

The Value Take-away

WITS Interactive team built a solution for our client which is significantly more engaging and interactive than just a traditional book!

  • Created by: John Doe
  • Completed on: 17th March 2014
  • Skills: HTML5 / PHP / CSS3
  • Client: Google