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vGROW- P&G innovation program aims at transforming P&G's engagements with its external business partners to address the company’s needs, thereby creating a collaborative ecosystem with a mindset of "All in to WIN".

The online platform enables start-ups, small businesses and large organizations to pitch their innovative solutions to P&G’s leadership and secure business opportunities with the company.

The Requirement

The sales process is tedious and time consuming and involves lots of manual work. Multitasking and managing all the sales activities manually can be overwhelming for sales professionals. Without proper tracking, data analytics and insight into customer behaviour, it is difficult to measure effectiveness.

The Solution

The GoPhygital team decided on an Augmented Reality (AR) solution that highlighted all these requirements in a single, efficient, and interactive digital solution.

When a seller visits or calls a retailer to showcase a new product launch by the brand, they can use the AR solution to show digital product flyers, coupons, videos, etc. to the retailer. The retailer can also place an order for the product without leaving the platform. A bonus feature is the capability to monitor user interaction and give that data for decision-making. This creates an effective and engaging experience that helps the retailer understand the product better and makes them more likely to purchase it. Additionally, it also helps increase brand awareness and loyalty among retailers.

The Value Take-away

GoPhygital was named the Winner of the "Step Change Digital Selling" category in the 4th Edition of the flagship vGROW event organized by Procter & Gamble (India).

Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming increasingly popular for businesses to launch new products and provide engaging experiences to their customers. With AR, brands can create an immersive experience for their customers, enabling them to interact with their products in a virtual environment.