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ePub - Yoga

WITS Interactive created a series of informative ePubs about Yoga and how one must do it.

'Yoga' is the first of the 4 series which each consists of 2 parts: Yoga- Kurs1: Übungen für Einsteiger and Yoga- Kurs2: Übungen fürFortgeschrittene. The second series is 'Starker' and the 2 parts of this series are Starker Rücken- Kurs1: Übungenin stand-und stützpositionen and Starker Rücken- kurs2: Übungenin aufdem Boden. The third one is 'Pilates' and its 2 sections are Pilates- Kurs1: Übungen fürein Starkes Powerhouse and Pilates- Kurs2: Kombinations Übungen. And the last one 'Barch Beine Po' and its 2 parts are namely, Barch Beine Po- Kurs1: Übungen fürEinsteiger and Barch Beine Po- Kurs2: Aufbau Übungen.

Mobile Solution

For the Publishers Vemag we created this complete set of 4 interactive and most importantly informative ePubs which are based on the principle of how 'Yoga' helps in keeping you healthy. We created this ePub in a fixed layout format!

We incorporated several videos since it is learnt best when demonstrated Yoga and therefore we incorporated live videos for people to see and perform yoga. The "10-minutes fitness" book series comprises of detailed information and instructions for exercise which are also in words and pictures and has gained success all over.

The Value Take-away

Reading, watching and coaching for a healthier life, all acquired through a single eBook!

  • Created by: John Doe
  • Completed on: 17th March 2014
  • Skills: HTML5 / PHP / CSS3
  • Client: Google