Sony Music Entertainment

Sony Music Entertainment, a global recorded music company that includes offerings from an array of local artists and international superstars. They comprise some of the most important recordings in history, representing music from every genre.

They required a mobile app for ease of accessibility of the widespread fans, across Germany as well as to connect with existing customers, with prospects and to inflate their loyal customer base.

Sony Music Entertainment - RTL Ticket app

RTL Ticket app

With the RTL ticket app, viewers and fans take advantage to secure tickets for their favourite artists effortlessly. The app keeps the users informed and updated of what is going on in their city as well as on the performance schedules of their favourite artists. This app ensures a convenient ticket booking and payment method within a timeframe of 24 hours.

The RTL Ticket Store combines great entertainment and up-to-date information with the easiest access to reserve your tickets. Our team provided a complete turnkey solution for Sony's customers providing the right information, in the right place, at the right time.

Sony Music Entertainment - Die Drei

Die Drei

It's a Mobile app for all fans of the Three Investigators - Justus, Peter and Bob! This app provides you with a combination of books, music and games. All episodes are available at a glance in the catalogue and the search and sort functions help you with your research. With this app, you can be updated with all the news and quiz your knowledge with the test. It is designed with features to sort and select your favourite books or use your favourite cover as a wallpaper.

The app also has a value added feature allowing access to track like-minded people on the world map with the help of Fan Map. Fan Map tracks the movements of other fans, creating a sense of community rapport building amongst friends in the same locality.

Sony Music Entertainment - Digital Signing

Digital Signing

Digital signing is an all new package service where music lovers can grab an opportunity to get a personalized autographed image of their favourite artists as per their events getting played, without being physically present. GoPhygital created this website for the fans, wherein they are updated about the recent events. The fans also have the liberty of uploading their personalized photos and messages on which they would love to have the autograph signed.

Our Team also created a backend CMS SERVICE in which they can update information on the current happening events for their fan followers. Also an iPad and Android App has been created, wherein the artists can sign autographs to the registered users. Through this idea, fan-artist virtual meeting has become more convenient.

Sony Music Entertainment - Buddy Ogün

Buddy Ogün

The Buddy Ogün app is an interesting mobile app for teenagers who have a special liking for fun and comedy. The app includes characters of 3 famous German celebrity comedians and their popular dialogues. The app users can play and imitate their celebrity's talent languages and sounds, thus making the whole process fun.

We also have provided the users with a link to viral videos wherein his videos from YouTube and other internet platforms can be viewed. Their fans also get a link to the artists' concert time table where they can book tickets for the show.

Sony Music Entertainment - Shit Happens

Shit Happens

Shit happens is a gamut of cartoon images, music, videos, sound board and many more interesting fun features. We had created a CMS website wherein the backend admin can update it with daily new cartoon images.

Our team also created an Android app which was especially developed for kids wherein they can view and favouritize their videos and music, and even create sound tracks by tapping on the phone. The user can also connect and share the app via social media platforms thus making it more interactive and fun.

The Value Take-away

An overall community marketing strategy through user engaging apps, combined with innovative features to deliver more than just a mobile solution!

  • Created by: John Doe
  • Completed on: 17th March 2014
  • Skills: HTML5 / PHP / CSS3
  • Client: Google