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GoPhygital ( is a venture focused on providing immersive, experiential solutions to its client-partners using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality as the core offerings. GoPhygital has been incubated by WITS Interactive, a Mumbai based DesignTech agency with offices in Munich and London.

At GoPhygital, we are currently working on a couple of games in VR and AR. However, games are not the only focus area for GoPhygital.

We are also in talks with leading organizations and brands in the education sector as well as other verticals like media and entertainment industry, pharma and healthcare, BFSI and a few lifestyle brands to help them define and execute their AR/VR strategy for learning and development purposes as well as providing an immersive user experience for their brands.

Through our parent company, WITS Interactive, we have already released an interesting app, Ben & Bella Treasure Box. The app focuses on teaching the English language to pre-schoolers in a fun and engaging manner using Augmented Reality.

WITS Interactive has collaborated with WVG Publishing GmbH, a leading publisher of books in the early education space in Germany, to acquire the global rights to develop and publish mobile apps based on the popular early learning franchise, “Discover English with Ben & Bella”.

As a part of this association, we have recently launched a Phygital product called Ben & Bella Treasure Box, an augmented reality app which helps unlock and nurture a child’s curiosity and creativity while teaching the English language. By using the Augmented Reality powered app, the child can embark on a treasure hunt by scanning and discovering hidden goodies across the various physical products of Ben & Bella franchise like activity and sticker books, flash cards etc.

The app has received an encouraging response in Europe, which is its primary market and while the app is available globally on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the physical products will be rolled out in other markets soon, giving pre-schoolers across the globe a truly engaging and Phygital experience in learning English.

You can get a better perspective about the Ben & Bella Treasure Box app by viewing this video walkthrough

An entrepreneur and an avid gamer at heart, Ninad Chhaya has 20 years of experience in gaming and the interactive media space. He recently joined WITS Interactive Pvt. Ltd. as its COO and is also the Co-Founder and COO of GoPhygital, a VR, AR, MxR focused venture incubated by WITS Interactive. He has extensive experience in creating and publishing games across platforms and has several award-winning games to his credit.


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