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Mobile Solution - Beuth

Beuth was an informative book converted into an app in which the content comprised of all the information based on electricity. The client required a mobile app to make the learning process appealing and interactive.

Mobile Solution

Our team created an app for iPad (stromsparen) with high display resolution of 2048x1526 pixels. This created a distinct perfect view called the "retina app" with high definition quality.

The book was divided in the form of mind maps which helped them think visually, so they can make connections and see paths that they might have otherwise missed. By using the functionalities available, we incorporated features like play, pause, navigation and sound controls, interactive graphics, videos, hyperlinks to the required website, download textual content and even calculations as a learning process. There are checklists available for individual chapters and also one can create their own checklist as per their requirement.

The exclusive support of syncing the checklist contents in the app between iPad and iPhone made it easier for the user to access either of them.

The Value Take-away

This perfect app had to come through a constant quest for innovation and quality and this was exactly what we delivered.

  • Created by: John Doe
  • Completed on: 17th March 2014
  • Skills: HTML5 / PHP / CSS3
  • Client: Google