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Kommissar Kugelblitz Kryptofix

Mobile Solution - Kommissar Kugelblitz Kryptofix

Kommissar Kugelblitz is a famous series of books in Germany. To enhance the reading experience, we converted these books to comply with Desktop, Apps and ePubs.

Following are the names of the 30 books series: Die rote Socke, Die orangefarbene Maske, Der gelbe Koffer, Der grüne Papagei, Der lila Leierkasten, Das blaue Zimmer, Der schwarze Geist, Das rosa Nilpferd, Die schneeweiße Katze, Der goldene Drache, Der Jade-Elefant, Der Fall Koralle, Kürbisgeist und Silberspray, Der Fall Kobra, Rauchsignale, Nashornjägern auf der Spur, KK fischt im Internet, Der Fall Giftnudel, Der Fall Kiwi, Die Akte 2013, Die Moskito-Bande, Vermisst am Mississippi, Das Geheimnis von Spooky Hill, Der Fall Wüstenkönig, Das Geheimnis der gefiederten Schlange, Schnee auf Mallorca, Tote trinken keine Cola, Der Fall Shanghai, Der Fall Rhinozeros and Piraten der Wüste.

Mobile Solution

This book is a detective series and each book has different cases describing how the commissioner works. In total there are 30 books and each book has different chapters. We converted this into an app. To unlock the book one has to crack the password and after reading the book a series of questions will be asked which have to be rated and accordingly points are scored which in turn help you get to higher levels. We have an iPhone, iPad, android and desktop app linked to the 30 books.

The App created makes reading more interesting as these books are one of the most famous series in Germany. Messages can also be sent via e-mail through a code and in order to decode it, one must have the app installed.

The Value Take-away

WITS Interactive delivered ePubs & Apps which were not only out of the ordinary but also a comprehensive value package for android, iOS and web.

  • Created by: John Doe
  • Completed on: 17th March 2014
  • Skills: HTML5 / PHP / CSS3
  • Client: Google